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If you are looking for device that will help you at work and outside it is just this phone. In the course of daily duties I often have to contact my husband, children and colleagues.

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  6. Why is Apple iPhone 5S Gold better than Sony Xperia SP?.

This phone really helps me. Contacts can be carried out either by e-mail, text message and phone. In addition to this good-looking and is extremely durable. Excellent successor of iPhone 4. Despite the high price I think that this hardware is worth such money.

Compare Apple iPhone 5s vs Sony Xperia SP Price, Specs, Ratings

With good quality camera I use this device during family trips. It takes better pictures than a digital camera. Share Tweet Share. Front view Side view. To see the phones in real size or compare them with other models, visit our Visual Phone Size Comparison page. Display measurements and quality Screen measurements Viewing angles Color charts.

Color gamut Color accuracy Grayscale accuracy. The CIE xy color gamut chart represents the set area of colors that a display can reproduce, with the sRGB colorspace the highlighted triangle serving as reference. The chart also provides a visual representation of a display's color accuracy. The small squares across the boundaries of the triangle are the reference points for the various colors, while the small dots are the actual measurements.

Ideally, each dot should be positioned on top of its respective square. The 'x: CIE31' and 'y: CIE31' values in the table below the chart indicate the position of each measurement on the chart. Delta E values of below 2 are ideal. The Color accuracy chart gives an idea of how close a display's measured colors are to their referential values. The first line holds the measured actual colors, while the second line holds the reference target colors.

The closer the actual colors are to the target ones, the better. The Grayscale accuracy chart shows whether a display has a correct white balance balance between red, green and blue across different levels of grey from dark to bright. The closer the Actual colors are to the Target ones, the better. Related phones PhoneArena rating:. User rating:. Specifications News [44] Rivals Size it Videos. PhoneArena rating:. Specifications News [] Rivals Size it Videos.

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Sony Xperia SP v iPhone 5 Song

Samsung Galaxy S10e hands-on: Big features in a smaller package. We played with Samsung's off-limits Galaxy S10 5G. Why is my Android flagship not getting updates for 4 years? Is 5G safe or dangerous? Here are the facts. Best smartwatches this year. Is dustproof and water resistant? For example. Palm Phone The bigger the screen size is, the better the user experience. Samsung Galaxy Fold 7.

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Performance 1. Has integrated graphics? Has out-of-order execution?

Compare Apple iPhone 5s vs Sony Xperia SP

Has AES? AES is used to speed up encryption and decryption. Has dynamic frequency scaling? Has NX bit? NX bit helps protect the computer from malicious attacks.

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