Tiny token empires android review

Saving is another issue as it takes ages for the save menu to come up, then far more time for the save slot selection area to come up.

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  • Tiny Token Empires is a little bit Risk, a little bit Puzzle Quest, and a whole lot of fun.
  • Tiny Token Empires.
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Far too many parts of the interface are aggravating and it takes what could be a fun game, and probably would be if things worked as they should, and makes it frustrating. It gives you loose goals, lets you pick some goals for yourself, and offers up more variety.

Tiny Token Empires

The pace is also quite a bit faster in the free mode, with less downtime and frustration since the strategy portion is minimized in favor of a focus on the puzzle stuff. Those aspects are far more polished, responsive, and most importantly, fun, than the strategy portion of TTE. The traditional match 3 game has a battle component mixed in where successful matches build up a blue attack meter and each attack wears down the red health bar.

Here, your goal is to get as many matches as possible while getting as few locks in your collection as possible. Here, as in Bejeweled Blitz , you have to spin sets of four pieces around to make matches. You really need to think about your placement with the locks in play because a few wrong turns can cause a lot of them to pile up quickly.

Review: Tiny Token Empires

A spoofy take on ancient kingdoms and their battle mania. Best of April Treasure of Alps. Become a Fan.

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When in Rome…

I'd rather post as guest. So I keep looking for a strategy game with some exciting gameplay.

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  4. But I never found any. That is, until I came across Tiny Token Empires.

    Sound the Battle Cry!

    Now this may not be exactly the same as Total War, but it has a little bit of it mixed with gameplay from other genres. The others being Match 3 puzzlers and a bit of questing. The game is set in Ancient Roman and Greek times and has humorous dialogues and cute cartoon graphics.

    The soundtrack is good too. Firstly this is a turn based game. And it consists of two modes, A Map mode and Battle mode.

    Tiny Token Empires Android game review - AndroGaming

    The map mode will involve managing your empire, army, economy etc while the Battle mode does what the name suggests,its where you fight your enemy. The Map contains all the territories that you or your enemy own. You will have to conquer and defend territories from enemies. On the bottom half of the Map Screen you will find some cards, this is your Army. Double tapping on each card will give you detailed information about the selected card. This works on regions too, just double tap on a region to learn more about it.