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They are about REAL use of the thing as a tool- not a piece of pocket candy to impress friends. We would keep on testing the N8 and come back with all our findings. This includes Video samples. N8 is offering much more. You cannot say a device is slow because it has lesser CPU clock. So yes, the N8 will have a lower resolution than most of the competitors, but this resolution issue will be corrected in the release of Symbian 4, which allows for much higher resolution. Android and iOS need a much heavier processor as they are pretty inefficient operating systems which run in virtual environments, rather than directly interacting with the hardware.

Second as far as application are concered i have hardly observed people use anything more than games, themes, wallpapers n songs, which there is no dreath for nokia. For me Nokia wins hands down. Actually the possibility to plug in a usb flash memory stick on the N8 seems very overlooked on such a good video device, it would be great to offload video footage without having to get to a computer all the time, specialy if travelling and shooting a lot of material.

IMHO, iphones are for kids and android phones are for…uhmm… who cares, theyre just getting along with the hype. Home Android Nokia Samsung News smartphones. You are here: Competition and Conclusion. Motorola Milestone XT A great camera although only eight megapixels with HD video recording, Android under the hood, a large, high-resolution touchscreen and a price tag in the vicinity of Rs 27, make the Motorola Milestone XT perhaps the most direct competitor to the Nokia N8 in the Indian market today. Pros vs N8: Display, interface, HD video, multi-tasking, social networking, Internet, apps, looks, call quality Cons vs N8: USB connectivity, HDMI connectivity, battery life, music, still camera, Xenon flash, GPS, call quality, battery life, on board storage Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 In terms of seniority, this is the oldest of the foursome in the ring with the N8, but there is a lot in the Xperia X10 that might sway those who are thinking of investing something in the vicinity of Rs 25, in a smart phone with a good camera.

Pros vs the N8: Display, interface, multi-tasking, social networking, Internet, apps, music quality Cons vs N8: USB connectivity, HDMI connectivity, battery life, music, still camera, Xenon flash, HD video, battery life, on board storage iPhone 4 We had to mention this one simply because every high profile touchscreen device is going to end up being compared with it. Looks, display, apps, social networking, Internet, HD video, interface, music quality Cons vs the N8: Our conclusion: And for Nokia, that is not particularly pleasant news. Share this with your friends Facebook. As many said, I too feel the review was not in details esp.

There is a lot of gap….

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Adobe Flash supported iPhone 4: Are you out of your mind? If only having Adobe Flash support could save inefficient mobile browsers…. N8 is very good phone,i have this one,camera quality is awesome. Enter your email address below: Once you subscribe, you would receive an email, do remember to click the confirmation link in that email. About Us Contact Us. I like this feature, because it shows the duration of the call as soon as you hang up. Change the type of USB connection. You will see 4 available USB modes:. Save data connection costs.

Change the priority of the Internet access points. When there are several WiFi networks available, the best way to choose the one you want is to prioritize.

Top HDR Photography Apps For Your Nokia N8

Create a new access point manually. There will be situations when you need to fill in some advanced data for certain WLAN networks hidden and proxy-based networks come to my mind. You will be asked if you would like to search for available WiFi hotspots. If you choose to manually add all data, you will need to choose the type of new access point WLAN or Packet data. After that, just follow the creation process, and fill in the data needed.

Manage active connections. If you tap on that AP, you will be given detailed info about that network connection. If you tap and hold AP, you will be able to disconnect that AP. Very useful in some cases! Hide unwanted WiFi networks. I was really pleased when I saw this option. When you do that, you will see a list of all available WiFi networks in your surroundings. Scan Bluetooth device by type. This feature is also new, and I find it quite nifty!

When pairing with a new Bluetooth device, you need to scan nearby devices. In order to be more productive, the N8 can search devices by their type audio devices, phones, PCs and input devices. You will be given a choice:. Transfer important data from your old phone. No need to worry, this is super-simple, just follow my lead.

How to transfer contacts to your new Nokia? Use USB-on-the-go! Simply plug the USB memory or even external hard disk! File Manager will be launched automatically, and you will see your flash memory in the list:. Among others, you will be able to format the drive and to rename it. If you just click on your USB in the list, you will see a list of files and folders that are currently on it. Always safely remove USB sticks. This is not a must, but it is advisable. In order to prevent data loss, do the following: Connect USB mouse to the phone. This feature is great, not only for showing off, but for productivity, too!

Check out the pic below. Cool, right? Instead of touching the screen, press the left mouse button , and the tap will be simulated! Press the right key to minimize an app, or to open the menu. Press and hold the right key to open task manager. You can even use the scroll wheel to navigate through gallery with more speed! Truly, an amazing feature! This pretty much covers the settings you will need, so now, short tricks.

Receive reports for sent text messages. Find the Log icon. Yes, it was THAT hard to find. Send a SMS from the call log. This is another handy time saver. For example, imagine you have one missed call, and you want to send a text to the person who tried to reach you. Hat tip to Darko for this one! Send or share multiple photos at once. This is truly a time saver, so pay attention. Download applications from OVI Store.

Use WiFi when possible. WiFi connection has several advantages over data connection: Add bookmarks to the browser. This may seem as a nuisance at first, but you need to think ahead, because it will make your browsing easier. Click on the bidirectional arrow in the right-bottom of the screen to show the hidden buttons, and then click on the 3 horizontal stripes more options. You will see a pop-up window with several icons. Download additional language s for the dictionary.

Works very well with Serbian-English translations. Set the audio recording quality to high. You can run the app during the phone call and record it, and in order to get the best quality of sound, you need to take the following action. Set up an email account. Everything else takes place automatically! Update phone software regularly. Nokia will publish various firmware updates for your phone, so make sure you always have the newest version. Launch the camera by pressing the Camera button! Set the camera resolution to maximum. In order to have full screen images, the default resolution on my N8 was set to 9MP.

Change the the first field Image quality to the greatest value. Enable video stabilisation. The N8 can record great p video, and this tip will make your video creation a little less shaky. Click on it, and the economic mode is on. I also switch to power saving mode at night, and that way, I get more from my battery! Remove memory card without turning the phone off. You can hot-swap memory cards quite easily. This will close all running apps that are installed on this memory, and you will be able to safely remove the memory card.

Bonus tip: This tip actually requires you to download a free, extremely practical, app called JoikuSpot Light. Short answer: NO, On you had media folder but N8 has musicplayer in the top layer of the menu. Quick tip: Clock and Profile -widget — Active and edit profile: Notifications popup press on battery icon — Clock: Set alarm to repeat, then you can disable and enable it — Animated Themes: Nokia default themes not Midnight pack have animated backgrounds, just active it from theme settings — Data Counter: Open call log and tap on right tab to view data transfer log.

Will remove some apps permanently like Ovi Store and Qt! Time, Date, Profile and Music being played will also be shown if enabled.

Download: Nokia Camera with Lumia’s Pro Camera Mode for the Nokia 7

Applications — Calendar: Three ways to zoom pictures; by making a double press, a pinch zoom or by using volume keys — Mail: Collapse and expand all days by doing longpress on a day — Menu App. Glad that nokia adds this feature, no need for third party apps like handy taskman, best taskman etc,. Refer Pic of Tip The 67 tips are great. Tip Hello hd, sorry for my english. Very compliments for all your site! Can you help me? Good job on this comprehensive list!

I had the same thing, but just a few and summarized ones. Nice list. If you could keep updating this article it would be useful for everyone. I especially like the call waiting and USB on the go tips. Is there any way to do this on the N8? Or an app to download to do the same thing? You can still get to the pictures from the regular file manager, but can not swipe from one picture to the next.

To do this, you would have to unzip them first. Unfortunately, if you try to play a video in a zip folder, the video is extracted first to the C: So in most cases you would have to extract the video before watching it. Love the phone. Any soulutions besides hands free greatly appreciated. Most of the things explained i had found with trial and error as the case with anybody esle too. But i was not known to the fact that i can share the net with another device. I liked this phone. Its better than many of the previous Nokia phones.

Nokia N8 Tip: Change camera resolution with a pinch

I have checked the Nokia site too its not compatible with the Model. Any other way to get the IM Chat in N8. My out going calls are not going tru at times, inspite of my prepaid accnt having suffiecient fund. Any idea why this is happening? Btw, I was testing it numerous times even when phone is just on top of my desk. Unfortunately, no reply ever since. And I kinda hate that feature. I was having the exact problem i was pulling my hair it was so frustrating, i had searched everywhere for a answer to this problem no help anywhere. A brilliant piece of work.

Great job mate. Keep it up Thanks. Cheers for the tips. It really does make you want to throw the thing at a wall as hard as possible.

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Do you or anyone passing by know how to type during a voice call, e. ITs so annoying people phoning me got annoyed as well thinking that I am hanging up on them. Another problem is Sensor setting, I put the sensor on so when I rotate the phone I can view in the landscape view. It will be ok for a while and on it own it will stop working.

If I go check the sensor setting it will be off. Dont know why this happens. Awesome tips highdiver and some of the commenters. On the u could save pics in differnt folders if u didnt want to show them all. First you need to set your phone lock code. Hello Gauthamy, i did set the phone lock, because when i swich off the phone, it asks me for the code whenever i switch it back on…but when i send an SMS it gets delivered the normal way and the phone is not locked. When i look at thr settings, the remote lock is enabled.

Why is it that I do not get a notification and buzz from facebook when using N8. Do I need to install any software? Please help…. Fantastic guide, Thanks heaps!! It just goes straight to the selected profile. Any clues?? Thanks again! Widgets are in offline mode, mail is not open, and still it keeps connecting. This is a trick by the phone company to make user pay more for data. Some just stop here because the phone will not connect to data anymore. So read on. Many thanks for your Tips and tricks.

I love this phone even more now. Kind Regards Indy. But I have an additional question: My manager has a large beard that keeps activating the button during calls. When I answer or make a phone call the first I do when I have a connection is lock the screen with the slide lock. Nice tips, very helpful. Could you please help me with the following: Is there any way to have all 3 nos.

When trying to call one of them, I have to select Voice call. Is there any shortcut by wich I can call one of the contacts just by pressing the name either in the Home Screen or in the Contacts list? If you tap in the notification area near the battery icon on any screen , it will show you what connections you have active, alarms, new messages, missed calls, etc.

Notice there is also a battery icon there right side. Tap on it and you will get a flyout with the remaining battery power and the Power Saving Mode prompt as a link that you can tap to activate Power Saving. Pls help, also how do you chk if pen drive is FAT 32? My N8 has stopped displaying the caller names for all the contacts that I have in my phone. Based on some inputs from discussions on Nokia site, I tried removing SIM and again powering on the phone. But it does not show the caller name only number is displayed.

I have verified that there is no duplicate entry. Please help, otherwise this is un-bearable. At the moment, it is not available in the OVI Store, so go to smartphoneware. I have had my N8 for about 5 days now, and i love it but yesterday it just started to run extremely slow, like my texts couldnt even keep up with me and i wasnt even going fast, i switched it off and had trouble switching it back on again until about 5mins later. Is this an issues Nokia has brought along with their new services or??

Its fine now but I mean its only been 5days and its doing this!? Thank you for your valuable information. Can you please tell me if there is a better music player available for N8? Any one has similar problem or a solution? Is it just my handset or not? Really, really annoying. Ideas please? My n8 loses all pictures in the photos gallery whenever I try to transfer photos from my laptop. And then refuses to save pictures after when I transfer from another phone via Bluetooth. Only shows USB. Any help. My problem is the Calendar feature. Even trying to delete an entry, the N8 takes sometime to respond accordingly.

Reply me plz email singh. Hi Singh.. Hello highdiver, Great post, full of very useful tricks. What I enjoy the most about my N8 is the great quality of photos and videos, which I download to my Mac using Nokia Multimedia Transfer — iPhoto and then edit with Aperture. The way the N8 stores the images files on the phone is, though, a very organized mess: Do you have any clue? Best and happy I have been using an E71 for 2 years,great phone, and got a C6 which I sold after one week; will get a N8 soon. Is it possible to place only shortcuts on one of the 3 homepages, without the contacts and other widgets??

So I would have up to 24 icons on one page in order to access all important features. I hope the N8 offers more flexibility. On the C6 I could take a picture not only by pressing the camera key, but also by pressing an icon on the touch screen, much more convenient to me. Does this option exist on the N8 too? I could not find any mention of that in the manual I downloaded. Can someone tell me how to transfer music files from PC to N8 manually?

My N8 is just abt 3 weeks but it keeps freezing almost evry other hr? Do u know what might be causing this. Please help! Hi, Just one question. When sending a txt msg from pc with ovi, can a pic be inserted? Everytime i tried it says no gateway reply or unable to connect… I tried it with my vodafone live and wifi too… And also from some time ovi store is not respoding,.. Plz help me out…. I would try with another headset. Saludos Gracias.

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  6. Saludos gracias. Thank you very much for the tips: I have a problem with sending one message to multiple phone numbers I am using the OVI. But now I can not do it. Any idea? Have had a N8 for a couple of weeks, can anyone tell me how to stop the music player starting itself up? I am getting what I call lousy battery life, I can have all applications turned off, and yet will unlock the phone to find the music player on, I go to open applications and turn it off, and go back later and it is on again. Great info. Many thanks. Maybe you can make an instruction for the GPS also.

    Top 67 Nokia N8 tips and tricks | highdiver's blog

    That would be great. Can you please help me to find the games which are already installed on the N8? I cannot find them! Everytime its tiresome to create a new playlist for particular songs. I have a very serious question. This is a phone bought overseas which they unlocked and gave for me to use it here until i return. However, by default its trying to access the Vodafone network. ShutterPro is an advanced photo application allowing you to fully experience your mobile camera capturing capabilities.

    Not only you can take great picture — you are allowed to add special effects like tilt-shift or colour filters and upload photo to facebook directly from your mobile device. This app is free and you can download it here. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.