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As most of the rumors had predicted, these two new models looked much like the previous iPhone X with the addition of a gold color option and an increase in screen size to 6.

Or so you'd think

Because it's an S cycle, most of the upgrades were incremental improvements on existing features: But the most important handset news of the day was a cheaper version of the iPhone X called the iPhone XR. It has the same basic design as the other phones , but with some key differences. For starters it comes in six different color options: It also has a 6.

But it has the same A12 processor, dual SIM option and even a portrait mode for the camera that uses software to achieve that blurred background effect previously reserved for the dual-camera iPhones. Apple also announced a redesigned Apple Watch along with the phones. The Series 4 watches have larger screens, a better speaker and microphone, new watchfaces and an electrocardiogram EKG or ECG feature that watches over your heart pun intended. This is still a lot better than years past when certain iPhone models have completely sold out within 10 minutes of preorders.

You might want to turn off this new iOS 9 setting if you don’t have unlimited data

It also doesn't necessarily mean that this was the best-selling model; it often depends on how much inventory they had of each iPhone model in the first place. Preorders for the iPhone XR are a little later, though. They begin on Oct. Whether or not you're getting a new iPhone, there will be new features coming to your existing iPhone.

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The biggest thing to look forward to in iOS 12 is an improvement in overall performance across all devices, including older iPhones. The devices feature the same back glass design as the current iPhones. Previous reports have suggested that the 6.

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In addition to the colors, these images offer a look at how the lower-priced LCD iPhone will use aluminum edges, as opposed to the stainless steel used by the iPhone X. We can also see the single lens camera setup on the back, which is another cost-saving measure for Apple. Lastly, one of the images shows the device with a dual-SIM card slot.

Past reports have suggested this could be the year Apple adopts dual-SIM support on the iPhone, and this image seemingly corroborates that. Interestingly, a laser-powered 3D camera was destined for the iPhone 11, but said to have been delayed to the iPhone 12 or whatever Apple calls its iPhone model.

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This iPhone roadmap suggests Apple is going all in on augmented reality AR. We've also heard that the iPhone XI will have a 5.

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  • The same source says to expect space grey, gold, silver and blue colors. However, another source says it won't have USB-C, adding that the front camera will be upped to 10MP from 7MP on current models , and that the rear camera will have 14MP and 10MP lenses, as well as a third, currently unknown one. One new feature it might get though is two-way wireless charging , allowing you to use the iPhone 11 as a charging mat for other devices.

    iOS 12 is smoother and faster

    The same source adds that we might see a frosted glass back, and ultra-wide band connectivity, which would allow for improved indoor positioning. That could help with navigating interiors or might benefit AR applications.

    In other news, one report points to the inclusion of Sony's next-gen 3D sensors in the new iPhone, which could in turn offer quicker face unlock, better Portrait mode depth-sensing and some potentially cool 3D modelling features and AR implementations. We recently watched a sample of Sony's AR camera capabilities. As well as a better front-facing camera though, the iPhone 11 could also pack the snapper and related sensors into a smaller notch, as a new tech created by one of Apple's camera component suppliers allows for some of the sensors to be placed under the screen.

    There's no confirmation that Apple will use this tech, but we'd expect the company will be looking for ways to shrink the notch.

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    Meanwhile, another iPhone 11 leak suggests the new handsets could support input from the Apple Pencil that currently only works with iPads. Apple usually introduces a new chipset with its new iPhone launches, and the A13 chip is being touted for the iPhone 11, with analysts claiming a manufacturer is already lined up to produce the A13 chip.

    Inside the device we've heard talk that the iPhone 11 will include support for the latest Wi-Fi 6 connection standards — though 5G tech might have to wait until the iPhones.

    The iPhone 11 launch date may be a little later than previous years, as Europe's biggest tech show, IFA in Berlin, is set to run from September this year - which may see Apple defer its new iPhone launch to the following week. It's unlikely though, as the new iPhone launch has crossed over with the show a number of times including , and , which means we're still most likely to see an announcement week commencing September 9.

    Apple historically hasn't held its phone event on a Monday, with Tuesday or Wednesday the most commonly used days. With the Wednesday being September 11, a day of mourning in the US, Apple will most likely pick an iPhone 11 launch date of Tuesday, September 10 If Apple does opt to delay the launch by a week, we could be looking at a potential iPhone 11 launch date of either September 17 or September Apple hasn't launched an iPhone this late since , when it announced the iPhone 4S on October 4, and we fully expect the Cupertino, California based firm to stick with a September arrival for the new iPhone in As for the iPhone 11 pre-order date, Apple tends to open them on the Friday following the launch, which would be September 13 by our calculations.

    Finally, the new iPhone 11 release date - the day when you'll actually be able to get your hands on the handset for the first time - could be just a week after the pre-orders open, so September 20 if our analysis is correct. These dates could quite easily shift though, and we wouldn't be surprised if Apple followed more recent tradition and launch the new iPhone 11 on September Even without the official iPhone 11 price, we know it'll cost a lot.

    We could see identical prices for the iPhone With news that Apple isn't selling as many iPhones as it previously forecast, there's a chance the iPhone 11 price will offer a more affordable look - although we reckon a price freeze, rather than a reduction, is a more likely move by Apple.

    It could mean good news for the successor to the well-received iPhone XR , with the main complaint about the first handset being it was still a little steep price-wise.