Applications of trigonometry in astronomy

Have you ever played the game, Mario? When you see him so smoothly glide over the road blocks. Trigonometry helps Mario jump over these obstacles. As you know Gaming industry is all about IT and computers and hence Trigonometry is of equal importance for these engineers.

Trigonometric Parallax

Architects use trigonometry to calculate structural load, roof slopes, ground surfaces and many other aspects, including sun shading and light angles. Flight engineers have to take in account their speed, distance, and direction along with the speed and direction of the wind. The wind plays an important role in how and when a plane will arrive where ever needed this is solved using vectors to create a triangle using trigonometry to solve.

For example, if a plane is travelling at mph, 45 degrees N of E, and there is a wind blowing due south at 20 mph. Trigonometry will help to solve for that third side of your triangle which will lead the plane in the right direction, the plane will actually travel with the force of wind added on to its course. In physics, trigonometry is used to find the components of vectors, model the mechanics of waves both physical and electromagnetic and oscillations, sum the strength of fields, and use dot and cross products.

Even in projectile motion you have a lot of application of trigonometry. Trigonometry is used to divide up the excavation sites properly into equal areas of work. Archaeologists identify different tools used by the civilization, using trigonometry can help them in these excavate. They can also use it to measure the distance from underground water systems.

Marine biologists often use trigonometry to establish measurements. For example, to find out how light levels at different depths affect the ability of algae to photosynthesize. What types of jobs are available for those who hold a degree in astronomy? What is the meaning of the word astronomy?

Real life applications of trigonometry

How would you calculate the energy of a photon with a known frequency? What is the difference between astronomy and astrology?

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What schools are renowned for their astronomy programs? What is a meteor? What occupations are there in the astronomy field? How is the acceleration of gravity calculated for planets? How is astronomy impacted by trigonometry?

How is trigonometry used in astronomy? | Socratic

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Applications of Trigonometry

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