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Symbian Apps. App ID: S60 5th Version: Full Version Genre: Entertainment Downloads: Talking Tom Cat. You can pet him, poke him, you can even grab his tail and even talk with him, he will repeat anything you will say to him. Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with Talking Tom Cat.

He is especially fun for children of all ages. How to Play: Talk to him and he will repeat what ever you have said Pet his body or head to make him purr.

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Take your device, and come with me to see the future! Aging Album is a funny yet scaring, maybe somewhat realist aging machine. You can buy gold coins or get them for free. Make sure you subscribe to push notifications! Tom is back with an all new adventure! Tom is your cat that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say in a funny voice. Join them in their TV studio, talk to them and watch them take it in turns to repeat what you say.

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Poke or swipe the screen and have them fall off their chairs! You can even create the news by placing your own video or photo on their TV screen! You can express your creativity by creating the news or just enjoy watching the two tease each other. Either way, you'll have a bundle of fun!

Check out all hilarious animations by getting the full app now! See them take turns to repeat what you say. Tom is your pet cat , that responds to your touch and repeats everything you say with a funny voice. You can pet him, poke him or grab his tail. Meet Ginger, Talking Tom's mischievous little nephew. Tom is taking Ginger to a shopping mall, where he's about to see Santa for the very first time.

When running the app for the first time you will be required to download additional MB to get the best graphics quality for your device. Dear old Talking Santa thinks he's just getting a regular kid to deal with but Ginger has more than one surprise up his sleeve. Once Ginger is in Santa's lap, he'll tickle and kick him, pull off his beard, put a finger up his nose, set his hat on fire, give him an exploding gift and yes. Discover the 1 games app in countries!

Adopt your very own baby kitten and help him grow into a fully grown cat. Take good care of your virtual pet, name him and make him part of your daily life by feeding him, playing with him and nurturing him as he grows.

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Dress him up any way you like and pick from a wide selection of fur colors and other accessories. Decorate his home and check out how others decorated their My Talking Tom homes. Play games with your Tom and watch as he becomes a part of your everyday life. Real Talking Cat has a Real Cat listening to you and talking back to you and also will try to impress you with its awesome looking dance move and the talking Real cat has an attitude and cries when you bother her with your finger.

Talking Real Cat will listen to everything you say. Real Talking Cat will talk back to you in his funny voice as you talk to him. If you shake the phone, Real Talking cat will dance for you and try to impress you. If you poke talking cat , real cat will cry and let you know silly cat is hurt.

Talking Tom has climbed all the way up to a rooftop to get a glimpse of Angela. He is trying to woo Angela by repeating your words to her, singing a song, having a chat with her and by giving her gifts. But Ginger is there too, trying to mess things up for poor old Tom. First Talking Friends app where a character answers back intelligently. Hours and hours of intelligent and sometimes hilarious chatting. Send beautifully designed postcards to your loved ones. Featuring Talking Tom and Angela, Tom's femme fatale. Talking Tom is falling in love with Angela.

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Just a glance of her is enough to make him lose control. He tries to kiss her, he wants to hug her Talking Pierre is a very energetic and lively parrot, who lives in Talking Tom's kitchen. He's still a teenager and he likes to cause as much noise and destruction as possible.

When you talk to Pierre, he doesn't just repeat your words Thus he combines different parts of your sentences to create new funny ones. You can also share your video by posting it on Facebook or Twitter. This app is perfect for sending messages you would otherwise be too shy to say in person, like apologize to someone, profess love or sing a song You can even create your own funny video story.

Whose that cute little rabbit over there, looking to make some new friends? It's Talking Ruru, the cute little bunny that is a fun and interactive character for your device! Tap around to interact with Ruru and watch his adorable responses - and you can even have our cute little rabbit friend repeat everything you say to him Ruru-style! What's more, is if you like Talking Ruru as much as we think you will, he's easy to share with your friends over Facebook, Twitter, and email. Just make sure to change his background every once in a while- it makes him feel like he's a well-travelled bunny.

Talking Cat Lite 1.00

Talking Dinosaur is an adorable, fun, and interactive character for your devices You can poke him, feed him, and interact with him in several other ways, and you can even have him mimic everything you say! But if you think you don't have it well you may get it if you have s60v3 or s60v5 phones. Ok here are 3 alternatives and the app itself Now for talking tom 3d Ok here is the link for it It works on all s60v3 phones, s60v5,anna and belle phones. Supported Devices: Symbian S60V5: A very nice app. In this , a Hamster modulates your voice to a more funny voice in real time.

It is a Symbian or. In this , a puppy modulates your voice to a more funny voice in real time. It do not perform any physical action , it just speaks.

My Talking Tom 2 vs My Talking Tom - Android Gameplay #1

The main problem of this app is that it keeps on listening or recording even there is very little noise.