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A wallpaper that you can relax with and, moreover, use to add personalization to your phone. Relaxing marine background where we can see an area of coral with beautiful tropical fish. A relaxing picture in continuous movement which is hypnotic and keeps us calm. A really original clock to personalize your mobile phone and forget about your nightmares.

How to download hd wallpaper for mobile screen ( easy way ) ( 2017 )

A clock, lots of settings and all you are looking for to personalize your mobile phone. One of the best wallpapers to customize your mobile phone with the Earth, The Univers, the stars and much more. Android Customize Screensaver. Free Screensaver Apps for Android. Clock screensavers.

Best Free Live Wallpapers for Android - Updated 2018

Aquarium screensavers. Animal screensavers. Space screensavers. Landscape screensavers. Movies screensavers. Halloween screensavers. Multiple screensavers. For example, data on software updates, battery power, moon phase, messages from social networks and much more. Initially, it was created just as a widget on the lock screen, but soon the Daydream mode was added.

Clock, weather, the number of messages in your favorite instant messenger, the battery charge — all this and much more can be displayed on the lock screen, and in Daydream thanks to this program. Its possibilities are great, and the design is extremely simple. Among settings, you can select the animation style and display color.

Free Screensaver Apps for Android

All this wide functionality is implemented with the help of special extensions. Several of them are installed in the program. Others must be installed separately from the Google Play app store. Glance Plus is one of our favorite applications of this kind. First of all, Glance Plus keeps the display active for 2 minutes, after your device switches to sleep mode.

However, you can easily activate the application when needed if you hold your hand over the proximity sensor twice. Glance Plus can also be customized to your taste — you can choose between a pair of analog and digital dials, weather information, battery level, calendar, as well as adjust the brightness, color and font size. You can configure not only the appearance but also the layout of the elements.

Overall, Glance Plus looks great, and does not consume a lot of battery power.

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The Glance Plus application can work with LCD-displays, but you should be ready for an increased battery charge. AcDisplay is not exactly a screen saver application, but it is still a replacement for the lock screen.

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AcDisplay is able to illuminate the display device when you receive notifications and remind you of a pre-set period of time. The main feature of AcDisplay is a minimalist design combined with easy control. When you receive a notification, the device activates the screen. The notification is not displayed for long, however, the time can be set in the settings.

The time is displayed using the decreasing white line surrounding the icon. By the way, do not be fooled, thinking that AcDisplay is just an application for the screen lock! This application has an active mode that uses smartphone sensors to display the lock screen only when you need it most, for example, when you take the smartphone from the desk or pull it out of your pocket. In addition, you can set the background image, and if you are worried that it will affect the power consumption, then you do not need to worry — you can set it so that it is displayed only while charging the smartphone.

Lucid – DayDream Screensaver

After you download and install DynamicNotifications , in the future, it will unobtrusively display incoming notifications for you by illuminating certain sections of the display. This app uses a proximity sensor in order to know when your smartphone is in your pocket or lies down on a flat surface. You can select the applications from which the notifications will be received, and also define the timeout period for the display. Here you can set the frequency of the appearance of still unviewed notifications on the display.

As in other applications of this type, you have the ability to set the brightness level of the display to your liking. In general, the application is very interesting and extremely useful. DynamicNotifications is a free tool for Android that works in the background and tracks notifications from all installed programs. In addition to the aforementioned missed calls, mail, SMS and chat messages, DynamicNotifications can display notifications about program updates, events in games and the like.

Install it on your smartphone or tablet and get access to seven different types of visualization. Among them, laser, conventional bars, waves and much more. A wide selection of settings allows you to change the color of the image and the speed of its change, as well as use it as a live wallpaper or screensaver for the display of your mobile device.

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A distinctive feature of the music player is the support of gestures, the ability to interact with another similar software. Characteristics of the program: So, we advise you to download the Music Visualizer and enjoy your favorite music, combined with eye-pleasing visual effects displayed on the screen, even when the program is running in the background. A popular application for viewing the news Flipboard received an update with Daydream support.

The essence of it is that when charging or connecting to a PC, instead of the photos that are usual for you on the device screen, there are photos and news from social networks. This is particularly convenient on the tablets because of the larger size of the display. For those who are accustomed to receiving information from their smartphone or tablet even when it is on a charge, this innovation will be very pleasant. We hope that more developers will be interested in the features provided by Flipboard, and the screensaver will display not only news from social networks but articles of such publications as the New York Times.

Google Currents is an application that is a self-updating online magazine that draws information from more than sources. This application will be an analog of Flipboard. On the screen of the smartphone, news line is displayed, collected from different sources. News headlines are updated in real time. The only restriction is that you can not open the news via the Daydream screen.

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This reduces the usefulness of the function to nothing. Viewing photos is possible in two modes.

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Ordinary slideshow and in the form of a collage. Turning a smartphone or tablet into a photo frame is an interesting feature. Owners of a large number of pictures like it. The application is updated every hour, searching for the latest materials and bringing them to the fore.

Wallpaper HD Backgrounds HD is an application that has a leading position in the ratings around the world. Hundreds of users have already appreciated all of its merits. It is absolutely free of charge but offers a unique collection of images for screens with any resolution to the lucky owner of a smartphone, tablet or cell phone with the Android operating system.

The developers of the application daily update their collection of wallpapers, adding the latest innovations. No extra features, what allows you to focus on the quality of the pictures. The program is equipped with the simplest interface that will not overload the memory of your mobile device, and will not allow the battery to quickly discharge.

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