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A ton of different phones, and none of them have any type of dock connector. They lack even the capability of those neat accessories. So the Galaxy Nexus has some really neat pins on it's side, which can easily interface with accessories, and provide some of that missing functionality. Granted it's only on one of the many hundreds of android phones out there, but at least that's a start. The twist? Samsung does not make a car dock that uses these pins for the Verizon version of the phone. The GSM version works just fine; slip the phone in the dock, it auto-changes to car-mode, starts piping music through your car, etc.

The Verizon version? No connection. To add insult to injury, the Verizon version of the car dock which lacks all the neat functionality anyway was discontinued either right after or right before it started selling there's still some confusion on that one. What the heck is going on? Why isn't Google trying to foster a library of accessories that are compatible with all phones? Just one of the many glaring flaws of the Android ecosystem. This is, by far, the best television show I think I've ever watched.

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Definitely worthwhile. Intuitively, you'd think that tightly coupled systems would be better. Step 5: Before proceeding I hooked up 5V power using aligator clips to the pins and put the phone in the dock just to make sure everything was in the right place before I really made anything permanent. In this picture the pins are only held in place by friction.

The dock is very rubbery at this location which is nice for holding the pins in place. You can see how well you lined up the holes by placing the phone in the dock and looking through the holes. You absolutely want to see the entire gold contact nicely centered in there. If not, fix things now before proceeding. Step 6: I then took a car charger and cut the micro USB end off. There really isn't much to picture here. I happened to use a car charger with a permanently attached cord so there were no data wires.

[MOD] Pogo Pin Charging for Verizon Car Dock | Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Middle pin, assuming the same paradigm used for the nexus one, is for signaling the type of dock and the bluetooth id of the dock. Step 7: I soldered the 5V and GND wires to the pins as described, sealed some exposed conductor with heat shrink, and used an epoxy to permanently seal them in place.

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If it's too rigid or poorly bonded to plastic you could end up cracking off on the very first insertion. Make absolutely sure that the pogo pin plunger is the only part of the pogo pin that is on the inside of the dock. Even a small portion of the rigid part will cause you problems when you push the phone in and it pops the pins back out or damages the epoxy.

So, did it work After waiting enough time for the epoxy to set I got what I had hoped for. I also added an NFC tag to the inside that I'm using to turn on bluetooth, set car mode, etc, etc Here's a few extra pics: It successfully charges my GSM nexus with both the standard and extended battery. It would appear to me that the dock holds the phone with the position of the front glass relative to the lip of the dock in a constant position. That would be really good news for VZW people who aren't up to the modification but would like to buy the GSM dock if it ever comes to market. At this point at least, it can concluded that it's possible to make a dock that charges the GSM model with both the standard and extended battery with the pogo pins in a fixed position.

Now that it's been done once the thing that would make this an extremely fast and easy mod in my mind would be a drill guide jig. An L-shaped jig with drill guide holes that you simple place against a reference point on the dock and drill in the holes and never have to worry about all that measuring and how well you measure. I also wish I hadn't soldered the pins to a fixed car charger. In hindsight I actually wish I had used a 2 conductor "boot" close to the pogo pins that would allow me change the cord easy and provide some level of emergency strain relief or break-free ability if the cord were to get yanked.

On the topic of strain relief, this is why I recommend right angle leads off the pogo pins.

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It also might be a good idea to adhere the cord to a spot on the back of the part that holds the phone so that a snap tug on the cord pulls on that and not your pogo pin connection. It feels very durable and I don't expect any problems it's just something I would recommend. As for the NFC tag, I would use the thin adhesive tags, you don't want anything thick enough to change the contact position.

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