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The second part is building up iPhone and Android Client. You can integrate Android SDK for Joomla into your existing project, as well as use as a new project. You can virtually customize whole app ranging from editing the icons and color themes to extending it to have your own Screens utilizing iJoomer Advance's framework to fetch the data without touching PHP code. How it can benifit you? No complex procedures to be followed!

Superior scalability Customization at your disposal — as much and as many times! Prominent Features!! What if I upgrade Joomla? Our aim is quiet clear about the updates. Once you make use of our library and build up an application and in future if there are updates from the part of Joomla or JomSocial or any other component, at that time, all you will need to do is to update the SDK part and updates will be compatible.

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This will make sure your view files wont be altered at all and your hard-work in fixing up the layouts etc is maintained. Took me forever to sort it out but got there in the end. Try it out on a phone http: I will probably try that because i tried using the extension from joomlas website, and all it did was reduce the size of the webpage, which is not what i wanted. They have a component that easily converts a site to a mobile site.

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There are now some cool mobilejoomla templates out there. It didn't always work for me during development and was very frustrating. When I started using my iphone to test, all went well. You can find us at: Be Kind. Did you know that you can make almost any Joomla! Visit mobilejoomla.

Joomla Admin Mobile!

Make Joomla joyful to use - http: I can not find any buttons in menu. I have played around with a couple of programs and just can't get it to work. I am already using MobileJoomla and I agree it is pretty difficult to figure out when it comes to customizing the looks.


But it is what I have for now, I would still love to do an app though. If so have a look at WeeverApps http: There are pros and cons of both: Apps, at this stage, can access more of the phone functionality, but tend to be more expensive to develop. Mobile Web Development is multi-platform works on all devices.

Thanks for your reply, planning on checking out the links you gave and hopefully something will work for me. Mobile Web Development is multi-platform works on all devices is this an app? They have a lot of easy to use components.

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Thanks for the info! I just visited mobilejoomla dot com. Are there any good looking templates out there to use for mobile devices but yet still be able to use the current template that I have now for my pc version?

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You know how mobile joomla will allow you to direct a subdomain and load a template specifically for a mobile device. It is, I am so aggravated with using the templates and trying to customize.

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Not sure how to do it, without using Mobile Joomla though because I want to keep my current template for the web browser and then have another one for the mobile devices. Not sure how to do this.