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I live in an area where it's very difficult to get 2 bars and with this phone I get almost full reception and can actually have conversations with people. I've used the same sim card in several different mobiles, and the reception on the E63 is miles above. After realising what great reception this phone gets, my brother bought the same one and I think my parents are soon to follow.

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A great phone that's easy to use, reliable and sturdy. Ridiculously good reception. Very easy to use. Quality sound and ringtones. Not particularly stylish. Often quite slow, waiting for screens and the internet to load etc. I'd recommend this to anyone who wants a basic phone to use and might later use more of the features that are available in today's smart phones.

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Needed a new phone and thought i'd give this a try. I'm really happy with it! Was a bit unsure about the whole key pad ,but wouldn't go back now. Pretty easy to figure out but most nokia's are. Was a bit disappointed it never came with a usb cable or car recharger. Sometimes you need to go through a few links to find the one you want but overall a great phone the keyboard and large screen no usb cable: This phone is perfect for my needs, which is basically text messaging and calling.

If you want a phone for other things like internet browsing or photos, get an iPhone. The qwerty keyboard is easy to use and I like that you can turn the camera flash into a torch at the press of a button. This has been my best phone so far, but saying that I will definitely upgrade to something with better internet browsing and camera I love the qwerty keyboard.

I used to hate writing text messages but now I don't mind it one bit. You can use the phone for emailing and internet browsing too. You can create Microsoft Word and Excel files and take photos. It has a large screen which is good for viewing messages or web pages No protective case, screen can get easily scratched.

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A couple of the buttons have chipped after having it in my handbag unprotected. Internet navigation could be easier. Speakerphone is not very loud. The photos from the camera are a bit fuzzy - only good to use as references or phone backgrounds. The E63 has worked well for me.


The camera isn't very good but everything else that I use works well. Being able to download Outlook calendar and qwerty keyboard Can't work out how to redial last number.

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I love this phone! Easy to use and navigate. Highly recommend! So it's not as functional as an iphone, but it's a great phone for messaging including email.

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  7. I wouldn't bother for web browsing including Facebook, as it's too tedious to use, but otherwise a good all-rounder with lots of functionality. Battery lasts for ages and it has a radio which is something I missed having in other phones Does everything, Battery is great, Great for emails Difficult and confusing menu system, Web browsing is terrible.

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    My normal phone stopped working so I borrowed this until I get a new one. This phone is terrible. The light sensor is stupid i wish there was an option to make it always on instead of sensor because the sensor doesn't work i am in a completely dark room and the buttons never light up. Will buy a separate camera Will never go back to non-qwerty keypad Easy to use one-handed while the other hand is on a landline First one-Calendar packed up after 12 days Second one- Calendar packed up after 2 months Will be no third one as I am getting a refund from Vodafone because of purchase based on deceptive advertising Have NEVER successfully sent an email via phone- except via the reduced functionality of Windows Live The standard cheap throw away mentality of phone manufacturers-no lens cover on the camera Other defects- but I could have lived with them if the calendar and emails worked.

    Endless calls to Nokia which drop out on transfer- have to repeat the process until I realised Nokia just don't care Emails to Nokia - the responses don't help and you can;t reply, and have to go back to the website and go through the entire waste of time and data again. Overall i think this phone is a good phone, i've had it over a year now and it hasn't let me down. I love the one touch torch button, it's very handy but the battery life needs to be better. I like it and it's work quite well, good bargain for this phone at a low price It has a good keyboard size, the whole phone size is quite reasonable, torch good applications,it's easy to use in any condition.

    It'ss basically good for a low priced business phone, this phone has wifi included so you can browse the web in no time The bad thing abouit this phone is that i find it laggs quite a bit, like when your trying to get back onto the home screen it takes a long time and sometimes it frezes.

    The camera quality is poor but usable but seriously business people don't exactly use the camera feature. The phone also lacks in GPS unlike it's sister phone the E Nokia's E63 smartphone allows you to access the Ovi Store where you can download free and commercially available apps. However, you will find that Outlook Express is not one of those apps because Microsoft no longer supports it and never created a mobile version when it did. Nevertheless, there are still several tools installed on your phone by default to accomplish the task of email management. Outlook Express was an email client that Microsoft included with certain releases of its Windows operating system, including Windows XP.

    Microsoft also provided Outlook Express with installations of Internet Explorer 4 and 6. Microsoft never released a mobile version for the Nokia E63 or any other smartphone. In fact, Microsoft moved away from Outlook Express with the release of Vista in , before smartphones became widespread. In a few moments you will be connected to the mailbox and a list of messages will appear onscreen Figure Scroll down to highlight emails you want to open. The message downloads and appears onscreen, with full subject and sender details and any attachments Figure Scroll down to read the full message Figure To open an attachment, highlight it and press the navigation pad to select Figure Highlight the attachment and press select Figure The attachment opens Figure If the message is open, you can reply by pressing Options.

    Highlight Reply and press Select Figure Highlight To sender and press Select Figure Alternatively, if you want to forward the email, in the Options list, select that option. Whether replying to or forwarding an email, the basic procedure is similar, although forwarding you need to add an email address.

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    You are taken into a message template with the original subject and message showing Figure Amend or clear any parts of the email you wish, and type in your own message Figure Scroll up to the To: To add pictures or other files as attachments, press Options , highlight Insert and press Select Figure You are offered a selection of options from which you can choose a file to attach Figure Highlight the option you require, press Select , and continue to browse until you find the image or other file you wish to attach Figure Press Insert to attach it.

    Once you are happy with your message, press Options and press Send Figure Press and hold the E-mail key marked with an envelope icon , to the right of the navigation pad Figure A short press of this key takes you straight into your default mailbox. An email message template appears Figure Fill in the recipient, subject and message by selecting the appropriate fields, and add any attachments as before Figure