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For drivers of older cars or vehicles with more basic car stereos, the humble analog auxiliary audio input 3. You'll connect to this simple audio connection with an audio patch cable that plugs into your phone's headphone jack. The auxiliary input's simplicity makes it the easiest to set up and, possibly, the most future-proof of phone-to-car connection methods.

However, this connection is a dumb input, lacking bidirectional communication, so there's no way to control your phone with the car's stereo. If you want to, for example, change songs, then you'll need to interact with your Android phone, which can be less than ideal in a driving situation. For most of the Android operating system's lifetime, Bluetooth's Advanced Audio Distribution Profile A2DP has easily been your best bet for piping audio from an Android phone through the speakers of most newer-model vehicles.

This is especially true if you're already making the Bluetooth wireless connection for the Hands-free Profile HFP for voice calls -- using A2DP kills two birds with one stone. Bluetooth A2DP will send any audio that your phone outputs wirelessly, including turn-by-turn directions, if you happen to be navigating.

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More often than not, A2DP-connected stereos will also display artist and title data for the currently playing song and almost always include shortcuts either onscreen or accessible by steering-wheel buttons for Play, Pause, and Skip. Bluetooth-to-stereo audio streaming does have one minor drawback.

When you make the wireless connection, your phone and the receiver must negotiate the audio quality at which the music will be streamed. While there is startlingly little information published about how this process works and what specific bit rates and compression algorithms are used, suffice it to say that the audio quality is always less than audiophile-level.

What's more, some phones sound better than others, even within the same brand, and there's no guarantee that a phone that sounds good with a Honda stereo will sound just as good with a BMW's, for example. Fortunately, the audio quality that I've observed when Bluetooth streaming has improved significantly over the last few years. With all but the top-tier premium audio systems, most listeners probably won't notice, but for those connecting older phones or older stereos, it bears mentioning.

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If your car stereo and phone both support pairing for audio streaming, then it should happen automatically when you pair for hands-free calling. Pop into your phone's Wireless settings and locate the Bluetooth menu. Make sure that your phone's Bluetooth is set to On and, following the instructions that came with your car, place the car stereo into its pairing mode. Tap the "Search for devices" button in your phone's Bluetooth menu and look for your car's ID to appear. Sometimes you'll be asked to confirm the connection and sometimes the pairing will just happen automatically.

You should only have to pair your phone with your car once, with subsequent reconnections happening automatically. At this point, you'll usually be asked to sync your phone's address book. This is usually a good idea, so be sure to check the box that gives the stereo permanent phonebook access if you don't want to be prompted for a sync every day.

If after this you aren't able to stream audio wirelessly, pop back into the Bluetooth menu on your phone, locate your car's ID, and access its options either by long-pressing the name or tapping the options slider in newer versions of Android. Make sure that both the Media and Phone audio profiles are checked.

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If you don't see Media audio as an option, chances are that your car stereo doesn't support it. Double-check your car's manual. Certain Android devices also support a third Bluetooth profile: When a compatible phone is paired with a car that supports this feature, incoming SMS messages can be sent to the vehicle, where they can be read aloud using text-to-speech or viewed via the dashboard interface when parked.

MAP is a two-way profile, so the vehicle can also send SMS canned-responses -- such as on my way, running late, or can't talk now -- through your connected phone. Handset compatibility with Bluetooth MAP has been spotty in the past and at the discretion of the manufacturer, but the profile is built into Android version 4.

Compatibility on the vehicle side, on the other hand, is more limited and slowly growing. The ability to simply plug your phone into a car stereo via USB is one area where iOS devices still have an advantage over Android as well as BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices, even after the great Lightning connector scare of Years ago, when I took my first look at methods for connecting an Android phone to a car stereo, USB mass storage connectivity was a shaky alternative method for audio playback of files stored on your phone's microSD card.

However, the method was finicky at best, and too many incompatibilities between handsets and stereos forced me to stop recommending that inconsistent hack. With the jump to version 4. The change actually happened in Android 3. At the time of publication, I can only think of one automaker that supports MTP-enabled Android connectivity: Stereo Bluetooth and hands-free calling. FM Transmitters More from this seller. Full frequency FM transmitter. Stereo digital PLL locking.

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Bluetooth answer, hang up, reject, redial calls and other functions. Bluetooth stereo music play. The frequency must be consistent for both of your car and the transmitter to get clear voice. When it's back in range 33 feet or less , you can just tap the call button to "wake" it up. Versatile use: Use your headset to listen to music, movies, Internet radio, and driving directions. Car Speakerphones More from this seller.

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Build-in digital amplifier for enhanced audio quality. Bluetooth specification version 4. Status Light: Support dual phone connection. This Speakerphone will turn off automatically after 2 minutes when it is no connection. Car Bluetooth Speakerphone. Support for hands-free calls, improve driving safety; can connect the phone to play music via Bluetooth.

Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3. Shop by category. Condition see all. You can also clear the cache and Bluetooth data to resolve the issue. If your S5 is now running the most recent Android operating system, you will realize that the new Sound and Notification settings have changed a lot. Keep in mind that there is no distinct vibrate mode in Lollipop.

If you want to silence the phone, you can use the volume down button. I would highly appreciate your input on this. Hi Ikenna. Please refer to the solutions mentioned above for Lisa and Marina. Do they have a fix for this or do you know how to correct this?

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Please help because I have no other issues with this device. Thanks in advance! Hi Sherri. If nothing works, you can try to do a factory reset. Everything was working perfectly before the Lollipop update but since I have had issues when using Car Mode amongst others but the car mode is particularly frustrating.

It connects to the car via Bluetooth in car mode perfectly It makes and receives the first call with no problems The screen locks after a call made or received but car mode still running in background. Screen does not lock at all in car mode. Hi Dave. We are still in the process of gathering all Car Mode-related issues after updating mobiles to Lollipop. However, we noticed that there seems to be no particular issue that stands out. There appears to be a disconnect with all other issues we encountered with Car Mode after Lollipop was released.

This leads us to think that each car mode issue may be due to the unique car kit the mobile is trying to link with. These are standard potential solutions if you have multiple issues after a major operating system update. If you are one of the users who encounters a problem with your device, let us know.

When describing the problem, please be as detailed as possible so we can easily pinpoint a relevant solution. If you can, kindly include the exact error messages you are getting to give us an idea where to start. I thought it was suppose to work in the car not in the office building. What is causing this app to start up and close when my phone is not plugged into the car? I have to disconnect the call each and every time I get into my car — what is going on?

Hi, For the last couple of weeks when I start my F my phone calls my truck or my truck calls my phone. Not sure. Any clues? I have a Samsung galaxy j5 phone which until recently bluetoothed to my Mercedes Benz car with no problem. Now — although it connects and the calls come in — the caller cannot understand a word I say.